Throughout this next semester, we’re putting a big emphasis on what it means to BE BOLD.

Being BOLD will most likely look different for each student as they pursue their personal goals. However, the groundwork is pretty much the same.

We’ve put together four helpful mantras that we hope will encourage boldness in our students…

1. Take Risks

Being bold means challenging yourself to learn and adjust as you go. Resist the temptation to play it safe! The greatest opportunity to grow is if we test our limits.

We learn more about ourselves when we try new things. If we fail, we learn how to improve it for next time. If we succeed, we will surprise ourselves with what we’re capable of.

Challenge what is possible.

2. Think Positive

Our thoughts are our most intimate companion. They are with us every moment. They have more impact on our life than anything else.

Ask yourself where your thoughts came from and how you know them to be true. Most importantly, do they serve you and lift up others?

Your thoughts can hold you back or they can be your greatest ally.

3. Learn From Failure

Failure is normal and is accepted as part of the process for the most successful people. Rather than an end, try to see failure as an opportunity for growth.

Failure isn’t black and white. Failing once, twice, or even hundreds of times doesn’t mean you’ve hit the end of the road – it means you’ve taken another turn, and you’re one step closer to success.

As you go through life and encounter failures, you’ll learn valuable life lessons from those mistakes.

4. Stay Persistent

Those who are bold rarely give up, but that doesn’t always mean doing the same thing over and over.

They learn as they go, brainstorm solutions and are willing to experiment and embrace the opportunities that often come when things don’t always go as planned.

Be open-minded and resilient in the pursuit of your goals.

Anthem of the Week

We’ve also created a family-friendly Spotify playlist that you can listen to in the car or at home. It’s filled with courageous lyrics, uplifting messages, and powerful anthems that are sure to motivate. You might even hear it around the studio, too!

We’ll be sharing our favorite Anthems of the Week from the playlist, so follow us on Spotify and Listen Now!