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In the Spotlight: Paige Lewis


The spotlight is shining on Miss Paige Lewis this month. Paige is only 11 years old, but she has been writing her own songs since she was 8. We have had the opportunity to mentor Paige the past 3 years, and her talent and dedication to her craft is inspiring.

In the Spotlight: Paige Lewis2019-06-09T22:13:12-05:00

In the Spotlight – Reilly Cate Ferguson


One of our favorite things about Reilly Cate is her love of performance - she once hosted a private recital for her family and friends, and she prepared a piano piece for the Steinway Piano Fun Contest

In the Spotlight – Reilly Cate Ferguson2019-06-09T20:59:14-05:00

In the Spotlight: Arabella & Giselle


Don't let their small frames fool you, Arabella and Giselle have big personalities and even bigger hearts. Their weekly lessons at ROOTS are always a highlight of the week, and we are excited to watch them continue to grow in their talent and love of music.

In the Spotlight: Arabella & Giselle2019-06-09T21:36:42-05:00

In the Spotlight: Ella Kinder


Ella Kinder is a bundle of energy, a ray of sunshine, and a bright light to any place or person she comes in contact with. We at ROOTS have had the privilege of getting to know Ella over the past few years and watch her find her voice through music and dance.

In the Spotlight: Ella Kinder2019-06-09T21:37:10-05:00

In the Spotlight: Angela Cook


Angela Cook is passionate, dedicated and creative. Not only does she participate in multiple dance classes here at ROOTS, but she is also a member of our Dance Company and an extremely talented artist.

In the Spotlight: Angela Cook2019-06-09T21:40:50-05:00
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