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Rebecca DiPaola

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Vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Rebecca DiPaola grew up in Detroit, MI. A lifelong musician, she has been performing and studying music for 20 years. She became a band leader and front woman of a rock band in high school. She went on to study at Berklee College of Music where she received a Bachelor of Music degree in songwriting and music production/engineering with an emphasis in vocal performance.

After graduating from Berklee, she moved to Nashville. She quickly became immersed in the music industry, both as a performer and producer/engineer. She has led artists and studio musicians to create the best possible recordings at some of Nashvilles most famous studios. As a songwriter, she has performed in cities such as Nashville, Detroit and Boston in large and small venues.

Currently, her primary focus is teaching the next generation of musicians. Passionate about technique and music theory, she strives to give musical knowledge that can be applied to any instrument or genre. Ultimately, music should be a fun, creative outlet where each student can feel safe enough to push the boundaries of their skill and knowledge, and strive to navigate challenges.

Rebecca’s Teaching Philosophy: “My teaching philosophy is to meet each student where they are currently. Everyone is at a different point in their musical journey, they have different goals and interests that excite them. My goal is to help them grow and expand their knowledge and techniques while exploring the genres or songs that interest and excite them.”

Questions & Answers:

What causes are you passionate about?
“For the past few semesters I have volunteered teaching music lessons at W.O Smith music school. This is a non- profit that serves the Nashville community and ensures that kids whose families can’t afford music lessons can get very high quality lessons and performance experience!”

What are you passionate about professionally?
“I get most excited about lyric writing. I find it to be a sort of fun and challenging puzzle to find the most concise way to convey my emotion or message. Then I have to make sure it sticks to the rhyme scheme and form, it’s very mentally stimulating. I also love finding new words to describe a feeling or thought – I always have my dictionary app handy! Once I feel it is finished and I go perform it and someone else hears it, it is very frightening to share, but there have been times where people have said they connected with what I said and that they hadn’t known how to say it and I said it! That’s a huge moment, it’s super humbling but ultimately that’s why I write – to let people know they aren’t alone and connect people.”

What is your favorite down-time activity?
“I love taking long walks and being outside. I also practice mindfulness and deep diaphragmatic breathing, which just so happens to double as a good singing exercise! ;)”

What type of music did you grow up listening to? Is it the same now? What changed?
“I grew up listening to a lot of pop/punk/rock music – think paramore, anberlin etc. I even fronted a rock band in that style – we traveled and played all around Detroit. I have changed a lot. I’d say my favorite music to listen to now is jazz because of the feel and picking out little melodies/motifs that soloists improvise, it amazes me! I also seek out a lot of folk and old country music because I find that the lyrics and melodies inspire me.”

What’s your favorite local spot to spend time at when you’re not working?
“Most mornings I am not working you can find me at Crema coffee roasters! I live really close by, so I like to take a morning walk and end there. You can find me reading, writing or just saying hi to all my friends that work there!

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