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Ryan Casey

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Nashville-based guitarist Ryan Casey has cultivated and mastered his craft as a guitar player and musician since first picking up the guitar at age nine. With a musical career over a decade long, Ryan has experience in live performance, studio recording, and music education. Ryan began performing as the guitarist in a cover band at the age of fourteen playing the bar circuit in his home town of Richmond, Virginia. In 2012 Ryan began his own private studio teaching guitar students from all levels and all age groups. In 2014 Ryan decided to attend Belmont University to study commercial music. As a student of commercial music Ryan has had the opportunity to study with educator/guitarist Nick Palmer. Since moving to Nashville, Ryan has become fluent in many styles including Blues, Rock, Folk, Jazz, Fusion, Country, Latin and many more.

In 2018 Ryan graduated from Belmont University with a Bachelors in Music. He is currently working as a freelance musician in Nashville both on the road and in town. He teaches guitar, bass, drums, and ukulele to students of all ages, and he is employed by JBO productions as an in house session guitar player recording guitars in his home studio for songwriters and artist all over the country. Ryan is currently on the road with Paulina Jayne and Beth White, both of whom are independent, up and coming Nashville based artists. Other artists and session credits include: Tiffinay Woys, Josh Gracin, John Rhey, Zach Seabaugh, Aly Sutton, Garrett Moshier and many more.

Ryan’s Teaching Philosophy: “My biggest and most general philosophy when it comes to teaching is to develop some sense of appreciation and understanding of music. Hopefully in a way that it shapes a student’s learning habits, personality, and perspective, while giving them lessons they can carry with them through life. ”

Questions & Answers

Why are you passionate about teaching?
“Teaching always challenges me in new ways. I loved being challenged and working with so many students keeps me engaged and creative. I love to see new students get excited about music and even if their progress is slow, I love to see that look on a student’s face when they accomplished a goal they never thought they could achieve. I love to inspire and teach students the concepts of music that transcend the practice room and help them form an understanding of themselves and those around them. My goal is to share my passion for music with my students and to help them develop their craft and skill.”

What’s your favorite local spot to spend time at when you’re not working & what do you do there?
“I like to go listen to live music on 12th South.”

Any funny/embarrassing stories that you’d like to share that’s happened in your profession?
“One time I was playing a show with a country singer and her guitar broke so she came over to me half way through the show and stole my guitar. So,I was standing on stage with no instrument or microphone and I got so nervous I just started to do the Macarena.”

If you could meet one musician who would it be and what would you ask them?
“I would probably go back in time and asked Elvis who cut his hair so I could get the same haircut.”

What is your favorite quote?
“Music is probably the only real magic I have encountered in my life. There’s not some trick involved with it. It’s pure and it’s real. It moves, it heals, it communicates and does all these incredible things.”  – Tom Petty

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