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Emily Lindsey
Music Director

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Welcome to ROOTS Academy!

Hi there! My name is Emily and I’m the Music Director here at ROOTS Academy!

I am so excited to invite you to our upcoming FREE Trial Week from January 13-18th.

During this fun-filled week, our entire team of mentors (what we call our teachers) have opened up their schedule and are ready to welcome new students (ages 6 thru adult) to the studio for a complimentary, no-obligation 30-minute trial lesson.

What’s so different about ROOTS? We take the time to know and learn each student, and teach them exactly where they are. Our team of over 20 mentors have been trained to stretch their creative and technical minds. You’ll be amazed to see how far your student will come in just a short while. How do we do that? In a multitude of ways: we listen, we play, we move, we sing, we read, we study and we write music. It’s so much more than just learning an instrument and playing notes.

Our students are learning to MAKE MUSIC, and it is a beautiful thing!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to click on the chat button and ask one of our team members.

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Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are available to students as young as age 5 (with teacher approval) all the way through adults.

Our piano mentors teach a variety of styles from pop to classical music. Whether you want to learn Taylor Swift, The Beatles, or Bach our teachers are happy to help you become the pianist you want to be.

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Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons are available for ages 6 through adults.

Our guitar mentors teach a wide-variety of guitar styles on electric, acoustic and bass guitars. Students will learn proper technique, theory, and ear-training, all while working on playing their favorite songs.

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Voice Lessons

Voice lessons are available to students ages 6 through adults.

Whether your student is a beginner ready to explore and refine their voice or a seasoned vocalist preparing for an audition or performance, our team of voice mentors can help you achieve your goals and get you ready for the stage or studio.

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Drum Lessons

Drum lessons are available for students from ages 6 through adults.

Our drum mentors teach a variety of styles including, rock, jazz, pop and country. Students will learn to read music and practice proper technique and rhythm on an acoustic drum kit.

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Violin Lessons

Violin lessons are available for students age 6 (or younger with teacher approval) through adults.

We provide lessons for Violin, Viola, and Fiddle. Our strings mentors are well-versed in all styles of music, from classical to country. Students will learn fundamentals, receive ear-training, and have fun incorporating some of their favorite songs into lessons.

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Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele lessons are available for students from age 6 through adult.

Our ukulele mentors teach a variety of styles and love working with students to apply new techniques and training to help students learn their favorite songs! Beginning students will focus on the fundamentals like finger placement, chords, and theory.

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