The ROOTS Summer Camp experience is one your child will remember forever. While a week of fun in music or dance (or both!) are planned, there are some intentional ways personal growth and development are nurtured.

Here are a few benefits of ROOTS Summer Camps.

Summer camps give students:

  • A chance to put away the iPods and screens and connect socially (They relate to their peers one-on-one and develop new relationships with peers and mentors — trusted adults who care for them and are passionate about seeing them grow and develop into healthy)
  • An environment out of the norm, where they develop coping skills and problem-solving abilities (They learn what it’s like to work with a new group of people toward a common cause bigger than themselves)
  • A setting to learn while playing (all with the guiding eye of a “mentor” instead of a parent)
  • Confidence-building opportunities. (There’s something every individual is good at, and ROOTS mentors are experts in helping children find that gift and nurture it)
  • A sense of accomplishment or control (They complete challenges and bring home reminders of what they learned or made that week)
  • Much-need physical exercise and a balance of structured and unstructured time (Kids need free play but they also benefit from a routine. Camps provide both and help promote healthy lifestyle habits they’ll carry with them for years to come)

Every child is valued for who they are and what they bring to the camp. These camps help kids feel like they belong – like they’re rooted.

It’s no accident ROOTS is called what it is. It’s a place where students learn more about who they are in relation to those around them. It’s where they uncover their gifts, and they discover their passions.

Along the way, they gain a community of friends and mentors who nurture and support them in the process.