If you’ve been following along on social media, we’ve been sharing an “Anthem of the Week” each week this month.

September brought us some amazing anthems, and we’ve listed them below along with our favorite lyrics!

“Surprise Yourself” by Jack Garratt

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Speak and open up your mind
It’s something you should do all the time
Keep exploring, seek and find
You know you might surprise yourself

“Come Out and Play” by Billie Eilish

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You see a piece of paper
Could be a little greater
Show me what you could make her

You’ll never know until you try it

And you don’t have to keep it quiet

And I know it makes you nervous
But I promise you, it’s worth it
To show ’em everything you kept inside
Don’t hide, don’t hide
Too shy to say, but I hope you stay
Don’t hide away
Come out and play

“Bruised not Broken” by Matoma

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‘Cause I am
Bruised but I’m not broken
Damaged, but I’m copin’
Holding on and hopin’
I’ll find where I’m goin’
Bruised but I’m not broken
Took some time to own it
And though I may hurt sometimes
I know I will be alright

Be Bold Playlist

We’ve created a family-friendly Spotify playlist that you can listen to in the car or at home. It’s filled with courageous lyrics, uplifting messages, and powerful anthems that are sure to motivate as we chase our goals. You might even hear it around the studio, too!

We’ll be sharing our favorite Anthems of the Week from the playlist, so follow us on Spotify and Listen Now!