Angela Cook is a joy to have as a student at ROOTS Academy. She is passionate, dedicated and creative. Not only does she participate in multiple dance classes here at ROOTS, she is also a member of our Dance Company and an extremely talented artist. We have enjoyed getting to know Angela over the past two years and look forward to continue to watch her grow and thrive in her creativity and talent.

  • How long have you been dancing?
    • I danced when I was little, but I just started back up about two years ago at ROOTS.
  • What impact has dance had on personally?
    • I feel like dance has helped me express myself in new ways. I also know that dance has helped me grow my confidence a lot. 
  • You are an artist too. Do you feel like dance has influenced your art?
    • Dance has influenced my art by making me more confident, and I feel like I have loosened up in my art because of my dancing. (Angela rocked it in an art show a couple of weeks ago! Those are some of her originals in the photo above!)
  • Who inspires you? Who are your role models?
    • My family inspires me because of all of their support and hard work. They make me want to work harder. Miss Katie is also one of my role models. She is very supportive and helpful. I have learned a lot from her in the two years that she has been my teacher, and she has really inspired me. 
  • What is your favorite style of dance?
    • My favorite style of dance is lyrical because I feel like I can really express myself. 
  • Tell us a song that you can’t help but break it down to.
    • I can’t help but dance to most Taylor Swift songs! There is such a mix of different energy levels in her songs, and I love her music! (Us too, girl, us too.)
  • Where do you see dance taking you in the future?
    • I see dance inspiring me to try new things and giving me confidence to perform and show my work. I don’t know if I will pursue dance as a career, but I know that I love it and I will continue dancing as long as I can.

What long-time dance mentor, Katie Stevenson, has to say about Angela:

“Angela is so gifted in the arts. I have had the privilege of watching her grow as a person and as a dancer over the past two years, and her creativity, determination, and persistence have always amazed me. I am so proud of Angela for pouring her heart into what she does, and I can’t wait to see all that she accomplishes!”