On April 17th, we put an offer in to purchase the building next to ROOTS, and one week ago today, we received the commitment letter from the bank! Do you know what this means?


We are so excited and have a VERY full summer ahead of us with this expansion.

The new building will bring us 3 new studios:

  • 2100+ sqft dance studio with sprung floors and 17′ ceilings (same size as studio A)
  • 1000+ sqft dance studio with sprung floors and 17′ ceilings (same size as studio B)
  • 600+ sqft office – This will be used for group classes like band, mommy & me, musical theater, dance and other opportunities that come up in the future.

Here’s a rough idea of what the remodeled interior layout will look like…

We are expected to close around the beginning of July. Construction will begin in July with our goal of completing in time for the first day of dance class on Tuesday, September 3rd.

Some of the other changes we have planned:

Connecting and expanding both parking lots, which will increase our parking capacity by nearly 3x (and everybody said YES!). Below is a mockup of what our new parking lot could look like.

We will also be adding a new retail store in the front lobby in our current building. It will carry all of the music and dance essentials, including shoes and apparel.

The addition of this new building will mean that we now have a campus, which will be officially called the “ROOTS Complex.” The new building will be referred to as the “Annex” just keep things clear when referring to the different buildings.

The addition of this new building means that we get to invite the local community to have space for their programs to exist too. From b.fab to Area 54, to others that have come knocking on our door, we are seeing the fulfillment of our vision: Creating a space that’s dedicated to furthering the arts in our community. Only God knows what’s ahead.

Finally, we wouldn’t be able to do this without the generosity of our investor, Evelyn Hall. Evelyn helped us buy ROOTS nearly 7 years ago, invested in our current building, and is investing, even more, to help us get this second building. Without her, none of this would be possible. Most of you don’t know her, but she remains a VERY enthusiastic supporter of YOU and the ROOTS Vision.

And speaking of the ROOTS Vision, there’s absolutely NO CHANCE that this vision would be a reality without our staff and customers. You all make the vision, growth, and expansion possible. It’s because of YOU that we are growing in every way.

On behalf of my wife and I, thank you! We are grateful that you’ve made the decision currently, or in the past, to make ROOTS your home for music and/or dance instruction.

So, three cheers to growth, expansion and having a blast investing into the next generation. We can’t think of anything we’d rather be doing than working alongside you all. It truly is an honor.

—Kyle & Kristy Chowning
Owners, Stewards and Champions for seeing the next generation of creatives thrive in their pursuit of the arts